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Internet and Privacy Policy:


The Bridgeport Public Library encourages the user’s independent use of the electronic network. The right of each patron to examine information formats must be preserved. Failure by any user to preserve the rights of other patrons, through willful or accidental means will result in the suspension of library privileges, and when applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.

Internet resources contain valuable information. However, users should be aware that some information may be inaccurate, outdated, offensive, or illegal. Use of this resource carries with it a responsibility to evaluate the quality of the information accessed. Parents, not the Bridgeport Public Library staff or the Board of Directors, are responsible for the use of these Internet resources by their children.

Use of the Internet indicated acceptance of this disclaimer and agreement with the policy.



The Internet is a global communication and information network that can be a valuable source of education and an excellent tool for research and study.

Users are cautioned that the Internet is not a secure medium. Personal identification information included in all transactions, files and communications may be subject to unauthorized access by third parties.

It is the policy of the Bridgeport Public Library to: (a) prevent user access over its computer network to, or transmission of, inappropriate material via Internet, electronic mail, or other forms of direct electronic communications; (b) prevent unauthorized access and other unlawful online activity; (c) prevent unauthorized online disclosure, use, or dissemination of personal identification, information of minors; and (d) comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act [Pub. L. No. 106-554 and USC 254(h)]


Users have the right of confidentiality in all of their activities with electronic resources and services provided by the library, and the library will do its utmost through practice, policy and procedure to ensure that this confidentiality is maintained. However, users must be aware that security is technically difficult to achieve, and that electronic communications and files are safest when they are treated as if they are public.

Technology Protection Measure:

In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the Library will enforce the operation of any filtering program when provided by the City of Bridgeport to meet the requirements of the law. The library must warn users that filtering software does not block all, or only, that material which patrons may find offensive; the patron remains responsible for the information they access online, and the parent/legal guardian are responsible for the use of Internet resources by their children. 

Adopted by the Bridgeport Public Library Board of Trustees on July 17, 2003.

Social Media Policy:

Any social website used is for discussion purposes only and does not represent the official views of the Bridgeport Public Library and/or the City of Bridgeport. Any views expressed on that website are those of the individual post author only. The Bridgeport Public Library/City of Bridgeport accepts no liability for the content not under its control. 

Promotional Photo Authorization:

Patron, hereby grants and authorizes The Bridgeport Public Library the right to take, edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, distribute and make use of any and all pictures or video taken of Library’s events and programs to be used in and/or for legally promotional materials including, but not limited to, newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, advertisements, fundraising letters, annual reports, press kits and submissions to journalists, websites, social networking sites, and other print and digital communications, without payment or any other consideration. This authorization extends to all languages, media, formats, and markets now known or hereafter devised. Patron understands and agrees that these materials shall become the property of The Bridgeport Public Library and will not be returned. Patron hereby holds harmless and releases The Bridgeport Public Library from all liability, petitions, and causes of action which the Patron, its agents, transferees, successors, or assigns, or any other persons or entity may make while acting on behalf of the Patron.