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Code of Patron Conduct

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of the Bridgeport Public Library that all necessary steps be taken to assure patrons and staff that they will find the facility of the Bridgeport Public Library a peaceful, comfortable, and safe place in which to read, study, browse, or work. To implement this policy, the following Code of Patron Conduct is adopted and shall remain in force until modified by the Library Board of Trustees.

1.      Respect for the rights of other library users shall prevail at all times. This is the keystone of the Code of Patron Conduct.

2.      All library materials must be properly checked out.

3.      Disruptive behavior is prohibited, including, but not limited to the following:

a.      Physical attacks on staff members or other patrons.

b.      Bomb threats.

c.       Any act of vandalism to any Library property.

d.      Lewd conduct and/or obscene or abusive language.

e.      Verbal threats or threatening behavior towards staff members or patrons.

f.      Discrimination on the basis of age, religion, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or any other characteristic            protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws and ordinances. 

g.     Theft of Library material.

h.     Theft of the personal property of staff members or patrons.

i.       Loud speaking or noisy behavior.

j.       Eating and drinking.

k.      Rowdy behavior.

l.       Soliciting.

m.    Panhandling.

n.     Actions suggesting the influence of alcoholic, hallucinogenic or other controlled substance.

o.     Loitering or obstructing patrons from entering or exiting the building.

4. Bringing bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, etc. in the building is prohibited.

5. The use of the Library’s computer network to access or transmit inappropriate material, engage in unauthorized or unlawful online activity, or to disclose, use, or disseminate the personal identification or information of minors is prohibited.

6. Use of the public restrooms for such purposes as shaving, bathing, washing/drying clothes, etc. is prohibited.

7. Patrons shall not smoke or vape within the building.

8. Cell phones must be on silent or vibrate modes and conversations must remain at a low volume.

9. Pets may not be brought into the building except for registered service animals and/or for special events.

10. All individuals entering the building must be fully clothed and remain so while in the building.

11. Commission of any offense which would constitute a misdemeanor or felony under the criminal laws of the City of Bridgeport or State of West Virginia is prohibited.

12. The library is not responsible for book bags, briefcases, purses, coats, electronic devices, or other personal belongings left unattended.

13. Conducting private or commercial business by any person or persons is prohibited. The City of Bridgeport defines a business as “any activity conducted for income” and requires that person to be licensed by the City and pay the appropriate business and occupation taxes. As applied to the library, businesses include, but are not limited to: Internet business, presentation to clients for paid services, and any other private or commercial endeavors.

14. Videotaping or the taking of pictures is prohibited unless prior authorization has been given by the Library Director.

Violators will receive a verbal warning and an opportunity to cease at first offense. Repeat violations may result in suspension of library privileges. Appeal requests may be made in writing to the Library Director after suspension. Further appeals may be made to the Bridgeport Public Library Board of Trustees. The library reserves the right to request an individual leave the library building or call to the police or take other legal action as, in each instance, seems most appropriate. 

Adopted by Bridgeport Public Library Board of Trustees on November 16, 2023